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As of November 28, 2021 the Meaford Skating Club has updated their Covid 19 policy - please review below:








November 26, 2021




  • Operation of the Skating Club

Meaford Skating Club (MSC) must adhere to all federal, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, by-laws and orders including but not limited to:

  • Physical distancing measures
  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Size of permitted gatherings
  • Skate Canada rules, policies and procedures
  • Skate Ontario rules, policies and procedures
  • All Safe Sport policies and procedures
  • Applicable occupational health and safety requirements
  • Municipality of Meaford (“The Town”) policies and procedures

The MSC and MSC coaches conducting any training, no matter where the ice time exists, must comply with the current version of protocols above and ensuring they are operating under any updated protocols.

Prior to the start of participation in any non-virtual MSC activity, including ice other than in Meaford  with an MSC affiliated coach, each participant must complete the Acknowledgement, Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk Regarding COVID-19 form. This includes skaters, coaches, staff, board members, and volunteers.


  • MSC COVID-19 Communication Plan

All MSC members are encouraged to ensure their most up to date contact information is on file with MSC in Uplifter. All communication will go out on email. This duty falls on the President or Vice President with input from the Coaches and MSC Executive as needed. President or Vice President will follow up with any individuals who become unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 during MSC activities.

  • COVID-19 Education

MSC will ensure that all coaches, skaters, parents, members and volunteers receive education on the new safety and hygiene protocols within the club prior to arriving at the arena. They will receive the Public Health Ontario guidelines on the following as well:

  • Respiratory Etiquette
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Physical Distancing
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (e.g. Masks)
  • Public Health Guidelines

All individuals shall adhere to Public Health Ontario (PHO) guidelines and not attend MSC activities if they have a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, have travelled outside Ontario in the last fourteen (14) days or have any symptoms of COVID-19 (as outlined in the screening tool).

  • The COVID-19 Response Plan

The COVID-19 Response Plan is developed by the COVID-19 Oversight Group. They will oversee the implementation of all health and safety guidelines related to COVID-19 and follow recommendations from Public Health Ontario, the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ontario and of Grey-Bruce and Skate Ontario.

5.1 Protocol for Individual Showing Signs of COVID-19 During MSC Activities

Should an individual show or report signs of COVID-19 during an MSC activity, that individual is required to put on their mask immediately and exit the ice surface or group practice area.

The individual is sent home and instructed to follow public health guidelines regarding self isolation and testing.

The individual who was symptomatic is permitted to return to MSC activities if they receive a negative COVID-19 test or, if no test was performed, they must be COVID-19 symptom free for at least twenty-four (24) hours.

5.2 An Individual is Tested for COVID-19

Any MSC individual that has been tested for COVID-19 must not participate in club activities while waiting for the results of the test regardless of vaccination status.

5.3 Protocol If an Individual Tests Positive for COVID-19

If an MSC individual or a member of their family tests positive for COVID-19, they must inform the President of the MSC.

The President will aid PHO and the Meaford and St Vincent Community Centre facility personnel to aid in contact tracing as requested and required. The attendance Tracking Sheets may be used to assist PHO officials in informing other MSC members who may have been in close contact with the individual.

Any MSC members who is identified as a close contact with the individual are restricted from participating in MSC activities for fourteen (14) days or until a negative test result is received. They should follow PHO guidelines regarding self-isolation and testing.

All MSC members are informed of a positive COVID-19 test result within the MSC via email. There must not be mention of the name of the individual who tested positive for privacy reasons.

The Town will be informed of a positive COVID-19 test result so they can determine if any additional cleaning/disinfecting should be performed as per the Town.

 MSC will inform Skate Ontario of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis by email to

5.4 Return to MSC Activities

Following Illness If no test was performed or if the COVID-19 test was negative, the individual may only return to MSC activities once they no longer have symptoms of COVID-19 for at least twenty-four (24) hours.

Following a positive COVID-19 test, an individual must follow all PHO guidelines regarding return to activities.  At the time of this policy the Municipality of Meaford cites ten days post positive test with the day the test occurred on counting as day 0.

5.5 Modification/Restriction/Postponing or Cancelling of MSC Activities

Based on the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the MSC is prepared to follow PHO, municipal and provincial government and Skate Ontario recommendations regarding modifying/restricting/postponing or cancelling activities.

Refunds will only be given should the program be cancelled outright and will be an amount determined by the executive.

Should restrictions of group size on the ice change, the MSC will go to an on-ice/off-ice training model. No refunds will be given should this occur

The MSC will keep any modifications and restrictions in place until advised that it is safe to resume activities by PHO, government and Skate Ontario officials.

5.6 COVID-19 Communication Plan

MSC ensures the following:

  • Up to date contact information for all MSC members is on file
  • Information is distributed via the MSC Facebook page and the direct email list
  • Communication with club members is the responsibility of the President or Vice President
  • All members are emailed the most up to date version of the MSC Return To Play guidelines when approved.
  • The President or Vice President will follow up with any individuals who become unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 during MSC activities
  • Attendance Tracking Sheets will be kept
  • Facility Management

MSC consultes and coordinates with The Town or other facilities regarding:

  • Traffic flow procedures in and out of the facility
  • Ensuring that any person who enters or uses the facility maintains a physical distance of at least two (2) meters from any other person who is using the facility unless they are from the same household or social circle. Throughout this document, any mention of physical distancing of two (2) meters does not apply to those persons who are in the same household or social circle.
  • Scheduling and implementing cleaning between each training group – entry and exit doors, tops of boards and location where personal items are stored while skater is on the ice are to be wiped down with sanitization wipes
  • Ensuring compliance by the Town and their employees regarding PHO recommendations and instructions on physical distancing, cleaning and disinfection.
    • Training at Multiple Facilities

Coaching and skating at multiple locations is strongly discouraged. MSC members are asked to inform the MSC executive if they are attending training sessions at multiple locations. Individuals skating at multiple locations should use a new face mask and gloves at each location and avoid entering different facilities on the same day.

  • Facility Access and Traffic Flow

All individuals entering MSC facilities shall follow the facility guidelines using their designated entry and exit doors and any guidelines to manage the flow of people within the facility.

If an MSC activity is occurring at a facility outside of The Town facilities, a MSC executive member familiar with policies at that facility will direct individuals at that location. If skating outside of The Town facilities, arrival time must be no less than fifteen minutes before scheduled ice time or the skater will not be permitted entry and will forfeit any fees paid.

  • Facility Access and Traffic Flow within The Town Facilities

There are designated entry and exit doors at each facility. Skaters are to be at the arena fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled start time and congregate outside the entry door, maintaining two (2) meter physical distancing from anyone outside their household or social circle. All persons present is responsible for their own health screening via the Government of Ontario screening for school. They must answer “no” to all questions and be recorded on the tracking sheet as well as perform hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand rub (supplied) to be granted access to the facility.

Masks must be worn upon entering the facility by all persons. Skaters are permitted to remove their mask only when on the ice surface and must replace their mask upon exiting the ice surface.

  • Personal Protective Equipment

All individuals must wear a non-medical face covering within the facilities. Skaters may remove the mask only upon entrance to the ice and must replace the mask upon exit from the ice. Coaches should consider wearing their non-medical face covering at all times, while on the ice as well.

  • Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms are cleaned by Town personnel after each group. The MSC is not required to clean dressing room areas after use.

7.0 Programming

7.1 Permitted Programming

Permitted programming is directed by Skate Ontario and MSC will follow recommendations for permitted programming from the most up to date Skate Ontario Return To Play document.

7.2 Group Training Size

Limitations on group training size will be directed by Skate Ontario and MSC will follow the most up to date Skate Ontario Return To Play document for size restrictions. Should The Town or the Province of Ontario impose restrictions that are different from Skate Ontario, the most conservative restriction shall apply.

For STARSkate sessions, there must be at least one (1) on-ice coach for each session. Other coaches may coach from the boards if required.

7.3 Warm Up and Off-Ice Training

Warm-ups and cool downs may be conducted inside and outside the facility following facility and physical distancing guidelines and Town facility flow management guidelines.

7.4 Assessments

Assessment days may proceed with the approval of Skate Ontario. The following guidelines must be followed:

  • Evaluators must be scheduled by Skate Ontario 9
  • Evaluators are required to screen prior to their participation in and assessment day
  • Physical distancing measures between the evaluator and skaters, coaches and volunteers must be maintained at all times during the assessment day
  • Clubs must follow all guidelines with respect to training group sizes during an assessment day
  • Attention should be paid to ensure the area where the evaluator will be located has been sanitized prior to their arrival.
  • On-Ice Activities

Skaters are required to maintain physical distancing of at least 2m from others skaters and coaches

  • Music

Music will be played in accordance with the MSC Code of Conduct. Sanitizing wipes are to be used on the shared cord and any other shared music equipment in between different users. At the end of the night, the facility plug for the music must be wiped with a sanitizing wipe.

  • Harness

Use of the harness will follow Skate Ontario guidelines. If permitted by Skate Ontario’s most recent Return to Play guidelines, the following will apply:

  • Mounted and portable harnesses are permitted
  • The skater and coach must wear a non-medical face mask at all times when harness is in use
  • The harness must be disinfected and/or sanitized before and after each use using a disinfectant wipe provided by the MSC.
  • The coach and skater should sanitize their hands before and after use
  • Where possible, coaches are encouraged to stay more than two (2) meters apart from skaters during harness lesson
  • Harness lesson should be limited to no more than fifteen (15) minutes with adequate time allowed in between lessons to disinfect the equipment
  • Private Lessons

MSC coaches may resume private lessons at their discretion provided all student skaters have a current Skate Canada membership.


*PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR UP TO DATE INFORMATION as Covid policies could change. 

We are planning for a "normal season" but are awaiting confirmation on guidelines for the 2021-2022 season

Access will not be permitted to anyone presenting Covid-19 symptoms set out by Ontario Public Health. Signs are posted on the front entrance for each individual to self-assess.  Proof of full vaccination or medical exemption from a registered physician is required for all individuals wishing to gain access to the St Vincent Community Centre, with the exception of children under 12.


  • Children under 18 years of age, and who are entering the St Vincent Community Centre
    premises for sports and recreational fitness activities solely for the purpose of actively
    participating in an organized sport, will not need to show proof of vaccination
  • Spectators age 12 and older as well as parents attending an organized event must show
    proof of double vaccination at the door.
  • Meaford staff will be on site checking proof of vaccination at the door.
  • All users must acknowledge that they have zero symptoms of Covid -19 as set out by
    Ontario public health. If anyone in the organization or user group acknowledges they
    have symptoms, they must return home and self-isolate until they test negative for
  • All user groups or organization must keep a log of every player or attendee that uses the
    facility during their allotted time.
  • No renter/user will have access to the Community Center anytime 30 mins prior to their
    programs start.
  • 2m markings will be marked outside the front entrance for standing locations. The
    organizer will be responsible for their groups 2m social distancing, when in and outside
    the facility.
  • All renters must do their best to maintain 2m social distancing measures and must be
    wearing a facemask at all times before the rental begins. Mask will remain on until
    participants are on the ice.
  • Front doors will remain unlocked during other user’s ice time and staff will monitor who
    is coming and going through a scan system
  • All front entrances will be signed with operation use and facility rules.
  • Sanitizer stations will be available at all entrances and exits.


Municipality of Meaford Covid-19 Arena operations

  • Arrow signs on the floor will show users right of way direction.
  • All participants / users will enter through the east side front doors and will exit through
    the west side front doors located at the front of the St Vincent Community Center.
  • 50% capacity for all spectator’s areas will be allowed at this time. Spectators must wear
    a mask at all times
  • League / organized hockey will be permitted.
  • Youth participants unable to dress themselves must come dressed with exception of
    skates, gloves and helmets
  • Adult leagues will have permission to get fully dressed in the dressing rooms.
  • User groups will have access to the lobby or dressing rooms once they enter the facility.
    Staff will direct your group to your location.
  • Dressing room access will be granted 30 minutes before the rental and user will have 15
    minutes after their rental to exit.
  • Masks will be mandatory in dressing rooms to allow for more seating areas for our
    users. User groups will have access to 2 dressing rooms. Showers will be available.
    Participants will be asked to stay in dressing room until the user before has left the ice
    and entered there dressing area.
  • Lobby area will have 2m spacing in designated areas between participants. No showers
    will be available for this location.
  • All dressing rooms will be cleaned/ disinfected after every use.
  • Lobby washrooms will be limited to 2 people at a time.
  • Extra staff will be on hand to effectively clean our facility. This will be subject to player’s
    benches, nets, washrooms, dressing rooms, entrances and exits.
  • No participant or user will be able to use the dance hall or meeting room to do any
    warm up. Warm ups must be done before entering the facility.
  • All ice users are limited to NO more than 40 participants on the ice surface at one time.
    This includes, coaches or trainers
  • No spitting or blowing of nose can take place without a cloth or Kleenex and must be
    disposed of properly.
  • Benches will be limited to no more than 20 player coaches or trainers at a time. They all
    must be a part of the same group or organization. Participants will enter through the
    south side of the bench and exit through the north side of the bench.
  • All users must bring their own training equipment. No equipment will be left on site.
    Municipality of Meaford Covid-19 Arena operations
  • Main lobby will be limited to No more than 50 people at a time.
  • Canteen services & water fill stations will be available.
  • Score clock is available and will be cleaned after ever use
  • The public will not be permitted in the Olympia room.
  • “No Loitering” will take full effect. Once the user group have left the ice they will have
    15 mins to have left the inside of the facility. No alcohol will be permitted in the facility
    or on the property.
  • Public Skating / stick & puck will return this season. Please see website for details
  • Each user group is expected to have one first aid kit on hand.
    By signing this, I acknowledge and I understand that I take responsibility for my group and will
    ensure that all members adhere to the requirements listed above.
    Failure to comply will result in cancellation of the ice rental agreement.

    *** Please note the following****
    Should any player/ participant contract Covid- 19 before, during or after your event. Your entire group
    will be subject to 14 days isolations and each person must test negative twice during that duration. No
    group will be allowed back to play until each player/ participant

Meaford Skating Club Covid Questionnaire

Helpful Covid Information

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