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Fundraising & Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers are what makes this club survive and both a time or financial commitment from each family is a requirement of registration in all skating programs offered.  Not fulfilling your volunteer commitment (time or financial) will deem you as a member “not in good standing”.  We do not collect bond cheques but each family will receive $150 worth of tickets for the Basket of Cheer draw.  All Winter Sport registrations are required to complete 5, 10 & 15 hours per family (depending on the program) of volunteer time towards fundraising, helping with an event, a position on the skating committee, MFSC Executive etc. 

Canskate – full season - 5 Volunteer Hours Required or $200 “buy out”

Shooting Stars – 10 volunteer hours or $300 “buy out”

Intermediate, Juniors and Seniors - 15 Volunteer Hours Required or a $400 “buy out”

Subsequent children enrolled in skating = 3 additional hours of volunteer time or a $150 “buy out”


All 10 week programs – 3 volunteer hours per participate per 10 week program or a $150 “buy out” – should you register in two 10 week programs you will be required to complete 6 hours or buy out for a total of $300

Notes:- If a family wishes not to participate in volunteer hours, they may "buy out” of the program and submit their payment with their registration payment, at which time their name will be removed from the "volunteer call list"


Volunteer tracking is the responsibility of the individual families.  All hours must be signed off on by a member of the executive.

You will see a $150 fee on your registration this season for the Basket of Cheer fundraiser.  This covers your first 30 tickets.  As you sell your tickets you keep the monies gathered…therefore, if you sell all of your tickets you aren’t out any money.  Any tickets sold above this counts as volunteer hours - 2 hours for each additional book sold.  Also, 1 volunteer hour is available per skater for a booze donation.  Monies will be collected for any additional books sold during set times during our sessions.  This is a very important fundraiser for us and helps us to not have to increase prices yearly.

Belonging to the Board and any work of the Board does constitute volunteer hours.  Please consider joining us!

If you choose the Volunteer Option your authorization will be withdrawn March 29, 2024if volunteer hours are not completed. If you choose the buyout option your payment will be received at the beginning of the season.

Fundraising is really important for the existence of the M.A.A.A. (Meaford Skating Club). In order to keep registration costs down, we have to all pull together and do our part to fundraise each year to offset projected deficits.

Here are a few of our major fundraisers that you can help with;

• Annual Apple Harvest Craft Show – October 2023
• Basket of Cheer Lotto – fall fundraiser. Each parent sells tickets/provides product. Volunteer hours will be awarded – 2 hours for each book of 20 tickets sold & 1 hour for alcohol donation. October to December 2023

- Ice Show - March 2024

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