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CanSkate Program


WINTER 2023 - We are offering both a 1 day and a 2 day 12 week session running from January 10, 2023 to March 28, 2023.

This program is reflective of the half season and does not have the same fundraising requirement as our main fundraiser is complete when this program starts.  As a result, all registrations will have a $75 fundraising fee added.  There will be no tickets or products to sell.


Volunteer Hours - 5 hours or $100 buy out



I wanted to introduce myself and welcome you and your skater to the Meaford Skating Club’s CanSkate program for the 2022-2023 season. My name is Kim Yzerman and I am excited to be the Skate Canada Coach running the Canskate program again this year along with coach Emma Fulford.


CanSkate is a learn-to-skate program that focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development. Your skater will learn a complete series of balance, control and agility skills taught in six stages of learning that pertain to hockey, ringette, speed skating and figure skating as well as general recreational skating. Each CanSkate group is assigned a trained Program Assistant (PA) who will lead the group through each ice station. If your skater has been placed in the Pre-Canskate group, you will notice that their location on the ice will not change but their group activities will. 


Session Outline


6:00 - Warm-Up (8 minutes)

6:08 - Station 1 - Professional Coach Lesson (12 minutes)

6:20 - Station 2 - Review with Program Assistant (12 minutes)

6:32 - Station 3 - Fun Zone with Program Assistant (12 minutes)

6:44 - Cool-down/Game - (6 minutes)


Skaters progress at their own rate and the PA’s and coaches make the sessions active using teaching aids, upbeat music and a wide variety of activities that create a motivational environment and promote learning. Badges, ribbons and other incentives are used to benchmark skaters' progress and reward effort and participation. This year, as the skater completes a level, they will receive their ribbon or badge that day or the next skating day. 


Throughout the season, special Theme Days have been set to promote fun and skills learned. Please see important dates below.


FUN THEME DAYS & Dates to Remember:


Tuesday October 11, 2022 - FIRST DAY of Skating


Friday October 28, 2022 - A Spooky Skate


Tuesday November 29, 2022 - Disney Day


Friday December 23, 2022 -  A Cozy Christmas & Progress Reports


WEEKS of December 25, 2022 to January 7, 2023 - NO SKATING (CHRISTMAS BREAK)


Tuesday January 10, 2023 - Skating Lessons Resume


Tuesday January 31, 2023 - Superhero Day


Friday February 24, 2023 - Fun in Flannel


WEEK of March 12 to 18, 2023 - NO SKATING (MARCH BREAK)


Friday March 24, 2023 - LAST DAY of lessons & Progress Reports


Saturday March 25 & Sunday 26 - Ice Show


On behalf of the Club Executive, Program Assistants, Emma and myself, we look forward to working with your skater and hope that they have a wonderful experience on the ice. 




Kim Yzerman 

Meaford Skating Club CanSkate Head Coach

Regional Skate Canada Professional Coach


Welcome to Meaford’s CanSkate program. Below you will find all of the necessary information needed to join CanSkate.

Registration Fees:

Canskate 2 day ONLY 
Program fee  $355.00 + $45.00 Skate Canada fee = $400


$100 due at time of registration or payment in full.  Installment payments can be made on October 1, December 1 and February 1. 

There will be a $50 late payment fee placed on any registration made after October 1, 2021.

*Skate Canada Fee is non refundable

When does my child skate?

Skating starts on Tuesday October 11, 2022 and runs through until Tuesday March 28, 2023 .
Skating is cancelled during the school Christmas holidays & March break.
Tuesdays and Fridays 6:00 pm – 6:50 pm

Who is the CanSkate Coach?

Kim Yzerman & Emma Fulford!

Kim is the Canskate Director and will be assessing the skill level of each child in CanSkate and placing the children in the appropriate skill group.  Emma will be the Assistant Canskate Coach. A Program Assistant will be assigned to each group of children and will assist Kim in teaching the necessary skills at each level. Teaching is taught through interactive games, movement and music.

What you will need for the CanSkate program:

*Warm clothes that allow easy movement of arms and legs
*Warm mitts – ones that wick away the water, not cotton.
*Properly fitted and sharpened skates – bob skates are not suitable as they can easily fall off
*Properly fitted helmet-All skaters in the CanSkate Programs Beginner to Stage 5 must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet to be permitted on the ice, no exceptions.
*Registration fees & bond payment authorizations must be received before your child(ren) are allowed on the ice.
*Please be advised that permanent markers are used on the ice surface for the purpose of setting up drills and courses.

What to pack in your skating bag:

*Extra mittens – ones that wick away the water, not cotton.
*Clean, dry towel for drying blades after each session, paper towels don’t soak up well enough.
*Skate guards- do not put guards back on your skates after you have skated, keep them off to allow for your blades and guards to dry.
*CSA approved hockey Helmet. Bike helmets are NOT allowed.

What do I do when I arrive at the arena?

Please refer to Covid rules in place - click here.


All communication will be sent to parents via email. This includes all newsletters, volunteer schedules, special event notices, and general club communication. In an effort to do our part for the environment, we are going green. Therefore paper copies will not be given out. If we do not have your email address yet please provide it to Kristin Davies ASAP to ensure you are receiving the information. Some information will be posted on the club bulletin board in the lobby.

Fundraising / Volunteer Hours

Back in effect for 2022/2023 season

Two day Canskate = 10 hours of volunteer time (or buyout of $200)

Subsequentlychild enrolled in skating = 5 hours of volunteer time (or buyout of $150)

Hours or fundraising may be done by family members or friends.

Belonging to the Board and any work of the Board does constitute volunteer hours.  Please considering joining our board.  We are always looking for members.

If you choose the Volunteer Option your bond authorization will be withdrawn March 28, 2023 if volunteer hours are not completed. If you choose the buyout option your payment will be taken at the beginning of the season.

Fundraising is really important for the existence of the M.A.A.A. (Meaford Skating Club). In order to keep registration costs down, we have to all pull together and do our part to fundraise each year to offset projected deficits.

Here are a few of our major fundraisers that you can help with;
• Annual Apple Harvest Craft Show – we are in need of volunteers for security over night as well as ticket booth sales volunteers during the day. Friday October 2 – Sunday October 4. Did you know that the M.A.A.A Skating Club staffs the ticket booth at the Craft Show each year? You might ask yourself why we do it. Well it is simple it actually works as a fundraiser for us. Each year when we staff the ticket booths and perform overnight security the Craft Show donates $2400.00 to the M.A.A.A. That’s amazing!
• Basket of Cheer Lotto – fall fundraiser. Each parent sells tickets/provides product. Fundraising hours awarded – 2 hours for each book of 20 sold and 1 hour for alcohol donation.
• Lutz Skate fun competition, date TBA (end of February 2023)

-Ice Show (March 2023)

Parents can sign up online for volunteer shifts. Sign up links will be emailed. If you have a preference of times please make sure that you sign up early.

Who do I talk to about concerns with the program?

If you have any concerns with your child’s progress or any other element of the program please feel free to talk with any member of the executive or your child’s coach.

Our club has an email address for all inquiries; please feel free to contact us at any time. All inquiries MUST go to this email.

Payments can be e-transferred to

Looking forward to seeing you at the rink!

Meaford Skating Club


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