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PLEASE REVIEW - there are some changes for the 2023/2024 season

Shooting Stars Information


Registration Fees:

Extension of Canskate Stages 4, 5 & 6
$550 + group lesson fee (approx $50/mo depending on number of skaters)

A CSA approved hockey helmet is mandatory until Level 5 is completed.
The signed concussion acknowledgement form is due prior to the start of skating.

When does my child skate?

Skating starts on Tuesday October 10, 2023 and runs through until Wednesday March 27, 2024

Tuesday & Friday 5:10pm to 6pm

Wednesday 5pm to 5:50pm

On Wednesdays Shooting Stars receive a complementary 30minute group lesson paid for by the club.

Private/Semi Private lessons are also available.
Check our website for more information

Your skater will be invited to the Starskate Christmas party and the awards banquet at the end of the season. The Shooting Star of the Year award as well as other awards will be presented here.

There may be a change of schedule during holidays, or different practice times to prepare for competitions etc. If this is the case you will receive notification of these times.

Who will be working with my child each week?

Shooting Stars is an extension of our CanSkate program and is an opportunity for skaters who are working on CanSkate Level 4 & up who wish to pursue Figure Skating, a program that eases the transition into our StarSkate Junior program. Skaters will work on skills at their own pace and receive badges and ribbons upon completion. A certified Canskate coach will be providing the Group Lesson aspect of this program on Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesday is when the skater uses the ice time to practice what they work on in their group lessons and skaters will receive a complementary 30minute group lesson. If you choose, you can schedule a private lesson with the professional coach of your choice. We have two  professional coaches in our club Bonnie Kwon Bentley, Kim Yzerman Your skater may reserve lessons with any of them depending on their availability. It is your responsibility to schedule lessons directly with the coach of your choice if you wish to have private lessons. 

Lesson Fee

In the Shooting Stars Program your registration fee pays for ice time only. There will be group lesson fees that will be given to you and that must be paid directly to the club via etransfer to The Group Lesson fee provides two (2), 35 minute Group Lessons each week. During Group Lesson skaters will continue to work on the fundamental skating skills that will prepare them to enter the StarSkate programs, and will continue to earn their badges. The difference between CanSkate and Shooting Stars is the concentrated time that is spent with a Professional Coach. Approximately 80% of your ice time is spent with a professional coach providing excellent exposure to the experience and talent that a professional coach has to offer, while the Group lesson format helps reduce the cost of moving into a program like this.

Any private lesson fees must be paid directly to the coach you have made arrangements with.

What you need:

*Warm clothes that allow easy movement of arms and legs
*Warm mitts – not cotton
*Properly fitted & sharpened skates
*Properly fitted helmet-All skaters in any of our programs who are working on CanSkate levels Beginner to Stage 5 must wear a CSA approved helmet to be permitted on the ice, no exceptions.

What to pack in your skating bag:

*Extra mittens
*Clean, dry towel for drying blades after each session
*Skate guards
*Helmet (if required)

What do I do when I arrive at the arena?

Skaters will get their skates on in the dressing room indicated on the monitor for CanSkate. Once the skaters are ready for the session they are to line up at the ice entrance. No skaters are permitted to enter the ice surface until the CanSkate director comes to the door and asks them to go on. Parents and/or someone designated by a child’s parent must remain at the arena with their children during the skating session.
Please note that no one is permitted on the ice surface with or without skates unless they are registered with Skate Canada and fees must be paid in full.


All communication will be sent to parents via email. This includes all newsletters, volunteer schedules, special event notices, and general club communication. In an effort to do our part for the environment, we are going green. Therefore paper copies will not be given out.

Fundraising & Your Volunteer Hours

Volunteers are what makes this club survive and both a time or financial commitment from each family is a requirement of registration in all skating programs offered.  Not fulfilling your volunteer commitment (time or financial) will deem you as a member “not in good standing”.  We do not collect bond cheques but each family will receive $150 worth of tickets for the Basket of Cheer draw.  All Winter Sport registrations are required to complete 5, 10 & 15 hours per family (depending on the program) of volunteer time towards fundraising, helping with an event, a position on the skating committee, MFSC Executive etc. 

Shooting Stars – 10 volunteer hours or $300 “buy out”

Subsequent children enrolled in skating = 3 additional hours of volunteer time or a $150 “buy out”

 Notes:- If a family wishes not to participate in volunteer hours, they may "buy out” of the program and submit their payment with their registration payment, at which time their name will be removed from the "volunteer call list"

 Volunteer tracking is the responsibility of the individual families.  All hours must be signed off on by a member of the executive.

Who do I talk to about concerns with the Program?

If you have any concerns with your Child’s progress or any other element of the Program please feel free to talk with any member of the Executive or your child’s coach.

Our club has an email address for all inquiries; please feel free to contact us at any time.

Looking forward to seeing you at the rink!
Meaford Skating Club


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